Buddy Holly at the Grand Theatre


“Stevenson is so comfortable, so focused and so believable as Holly, lovers of rock ’n roll, music history or Buddy Holly should run to buy tickets. He’s that good.” – Joe Belanger, London Free Press

Thank you, Joe.  Buddy “rave’s on” in London, On until May 7th.  The LFP also gave us a 4/4 star review calling it a “must-see show that will not disappoint”.  Get your tickets NOW!

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2 Replies to “Buddy Holly at the Grand Theatre”

  1. We were at the Grand theater 2 times too see Buddy and loved it keep up the good work you are really great if you are ever in Woodstock Ontario we would love too know
    Take care and all the best .
    Mary and Glen Couch

  2. I also must say that you sure sound like Buddy and look like him also I can’t in amazing how many hours you put into it I remember hi music well and danced to many of his songs as well as roller skated to them as well. Once again all the best.

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