An Entomologist’s Dream!

I’m on tour again with the boys from the Fab Fourever fresh off their UK debut at the Cavern Club in Liverpool!

Here is a sample from the last time we played together.  As the “Beatles” became the “Crickets”.

Ticket and tour info is on the sidebar.  Hope to see you there!

Buddy, Molly and the Beatles are back!

TFF - Buddy Holly T-shirt(web)Back by popular demand!  Vancouver’s premiere Beatles band – the Fab Fourever –  are teaming up with me and Molly D for an incredible evening of entertainment featuring the music of my favourite artists of all time!  These shows sold out on our last tour so get your tickets while you can!

May 21 – Ladner, BC
7:30pm – Genesis Theatre
Call 604-507-6355 For Tickets

May 22 – New Westminster, BC
7:30pm – Massey Theatre
Call 604-521-5050 For Tickets

May 23 – White Rock, BC
Blue Frog Studio
7 and 9:30 SOLD OUT!

May 24 – Chilliwack, BC
7pm – Chilliwack Cultural Centre
Call 604-391-7469 For Tickets

May 25 – Maple Ridge, BC
7:30pm – The ACT Theatre
Call 604-476-2787


Hey you coastal cats – from Vancouver to St. John’s!


It seemed I had no sooner taken my final bow on Granville Island that I was boarding an Air Canada flight to the furthest reaches of our country.  All summer we honoured the legacy of one of the most important icons of west coast – Red Robinson.  What better time to honour my own family’s legacy on the east coast by tracing our ancestral roots in Newfoundland.

In Elliston, NL

It’s easy to forget just how vast and expansive our country really is.  We’re closer to Paris than Vancouver pictured here in Elliston, NL.

Along with my mom and siblings, we worked our way up the coast from St. John’s to a the small, fishing village of Elliston where we met some distant relatives and saw some ancestral homes.  We payed tribute to one of our relatives, William Oldford who perished in the great Sealing disaster of 1914 by visiting memorial site and the Sealer’s Museum.

Mom in Bonavista

We saw some gorgeous coastal vistas in Bonavista; took a “Rugged Beauty Boat Tour” with Newfoundland’s “Bill Murray” a.k.a. Bruce in New Bonaventure and finally, danced a jig in a bar on George St. in St. John’s.

Rugged Beauty Boat Tour

Now I’ve left my coastal Newfoundland for the prairies in the heart of America, rooting on the Royals and trading Cod for BBQ here in Kansas City!

While here, I’m preparing with my crazy little woman, Molly D, to make our return to the west coast this October t0 play with “the Beatles” (Fab Fourever) on Vancouver Island.

Oct 9 - Sydney Oct 10 - Nanaimo Oct. 11 - Duncan

See you then!



Good Rockin’ Tonight!

The Arts Club’s Red Rock Diner is now rockin’ Granville Island Stage until August 2nd.  It is a time capsule of 1950s Vancouver and explores the legacy of Red Robinson. I play Val, the greaser kid from Kitsilano who idolizes Elvis, sings and wiggles his hips.  I’m very proud of this show and the team that put it together.  Get your tickets soon before they are all sold out!



It finally happened: I made a Facebook page!

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New York, Buddy Holly, Phil Ochs, and Stampede Queens

Patience is a virtue.  And for that, fans, I thank you.  Procrastination is not, however, and I vow to increase the frequency of my posts.

Daniel Pitout
-by Daniel Pitout


That said, I will attempt to make an excuse as to why I haven’t posted in a while by elucidating recent events.

January-  It was the polar vortex.  I was in New York.  I turned 33 and my heart was warmed when I got a visit from the most attractive Elvis impersonator I have yet to encounter. We went to Times Square. Elvis in the Square I got a chance to take in Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen’s performance in “No Man’s Land”.  Took in a Ballet.  Saw the Beatles!  (1964, the Tribute) at Carnegie Hall.  And even put in a visit and an interview with the Sonny Ochs, sister of my hero, Phil. SonnyRadio February- I reprised two roles.  I took Mark Leiren-Young‘s “Never Shoot a Stampede Queen” to one of my favourite places in the world, Haida Gwaii.  And I completed my 10th production playing Buddy Holly in the back-by-popular-demand run in Chemainus. Zachary Stevenson Never Shoot a Stampede Queen March- I played a couple of fundraisers with my band, the Smashed Hits, in New Westminster and in my boyhood town of Qualicum Beach.  I had a ball playing to old friends, neighbours, and family.  Thanks Sherri! QB-Dance-WideApril – Molly and I packed up the car and made the big drive back to Kansas City where I’m spending time working on a new play.  Before we left, I even managed to shoot a segment for the super-fun, Pancake Manor children’s webseries! PancakeBuddy So, I guess I haven’t been spending all my time playing online chess.  But I do intend to keep you updated a little more often. Till then, Rave On! Z

Stampede Queen in Cowichan News Leader

Stampede queen targets the culture of small town B.C.

(Photo By David Cooper)

Zachary Stevenson steps away from his recent stint as Chemainus Theatre’s Buddy Holly to star in Never Shoot a Stampede Queen

An actor with roots in a small community taking his first run at a show based on a quirky small town shared on a stage in a community with that very same kind of feel.

It makes perfect sense to starring actor Zachary Stevenson.

Stevenson plays the lead role in his first performance in a three-night run of Never Shoot a Stampede Queen at the Duncan Garage Showroom starting May 3.

The former Parksville homeboy, Stevenson who now resides in Vancouver, is pretty pumped about leading this one-man show based on Mark Leiren-Young’s book and directed by TJ Dawe, and which follows rookie reporter (based on Leiren Young) tackling his first post at a small paper in Williams Lake.

Stevenson, who’s become quite accustomed to sporting cool, black-rimmed, coke-bottle glasses in his depiction of the great Buddy Holly for the Chemainus Theatre Festival Inn’s run, is now transitioning roles to a hick-town reporter.

“The crux of the story is it’s really a tale about growing up,” said Stevenson, 32. “He’s fresh out of university, in his early 20s, and he think he knows everything. He’s got it all figured out and he’s going to do some real damage in his first real job.

“It’s a comedy and it’s really quite funny actually,” said Stevenson, noting the name of the solo show is based on one of many debacles the reporter finds himself in, and that particular one him being assigned to shoot the town’s batch of Stampede Queen contestants, very much like Lake Cowichan’s Lady of the Lake contest.

“Williams Lake is known for their Stampede Queens,” explained Stevenson. “The girls there all aspire to be the queen. And it’s kind of like a joke on him when he’s assigned to shoot photos of all the girls and do profiles. It’s one of the many situations he finds himself in where he’s not quite understanding the culture.”

Stampede Queen may have its share of comical points, but the story also takes a more serious turn.

“It’s a comedy, but it does run deeper than that,” said Stevenson. “He sort of grows up a little. When he does eventually make his way back to Vancouver, he’s really become a bigger person.”

That rings bells for Stevenson.

I grew up in Parksville, so I’m a small-town kind of guy,” he said. “I live in Vancouver now and I’ve lived in Toronto as well. But I will always prefer living in a small town. That’s my eventual goal, to move back to the Island.”

The Duncan Garage Showroom couldn’t have been a better fit for Stampede Queen.

“Zachary is a rock star on Vancouver Island. I mean, he’s a rock star everywhere,” said Leiren-Young in an email. “He’s just coming off a sold out run of Buddy Holly in Chemainus, so when this came up it was pretty much perfect.

“This gives Zachary the chance to run the show before it arrives in Vancouver, but the goal of this show is to tour, a lot, especially in BC. So we’re hoping to bring the show back to Vancouver Island again soon. We’d love to bring it in for a run in Chemainus, Duncan, Victoria, one-nighters all over the island.

“This is a show about discovering rural B.C. and we all think it’s really going to hit a very special chord outside of the big cities.”

Stevenson, an accomplishes singer, song-writer, actor and multi-instrumentalist, has been skyping with with Vancouver-based writer/performer, film-maker Leiren-Young on sounding out Stampede’s script.

“It was different, that’s for sure,” Stevenson said of the preliminary phase Skype session with Leiren-Young. “Mark was really just listening to me read, and it was really about making sure the intentions, voices, meanings were right. The physical stuff comes a little bit later on.”

The Stevenson, Leiren-Young and Dawe, all Vancouver-based boys, make for a dream team, or “a force not to be reckoned with,” all having very different but at the same time similar backgrounds.

Stevenson has also starred in Urinetown, Assassins, Hair, Hanks Williams: The Show He Never Gave, and The Ballad of Phil Ochs.

Dawes is known on the scene for play Toothpaste & Cigars (co-written with Mike Rinaldi) which has recently wrapped shooting as a feature film titled The F Word, starring Harry Potter sensation Daniel Radcliffe.

He also directed and co-created The One Man Star Wars Trilogy and One Man Lord of the Rings with Charlie Ross, both of which have been touring the world since they debuted in 2002 and 2004.

Leiren-Young isn’t shy of credits either.

His resume includes plays Easy Money and The Year in Revue, as well as Shylock, which has been staged all over North America.

What: Never Shoot a Stampede Queen

Who: Starring Zachary Stevenson, Directed by TJ Dawe and written by Mark Leiren-Young

When: May 3,4, 5, nightly at 8 p.m.

Where: Duncan Garage Showroom

Why:  The island premiere of what is sure to be a hit show across the country!

Tickets: $18 advance $15 door

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