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  1. Hello Zachary – Congratulations on the your success, and the great reviews you garnered for the Buddy Holly Story. I very much want to see the play when it returns to the Vancouver stage again this summer, but wanted to confirm that it is indeed you who will again star in it? After all the fantastic reviews I read about how uncannily you have portrayed Buddy Holly, I would be reluctant to take a chance on there being a different star in the show, and I can’t seem to locate the info. online. Many thanks! Krista S.

  2. Hello, Zachary Stevenson. I run an arts center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and am, among many other things, a long-time Phil Ochs fan. I see you’re doing a show in Lawrence. Is this the original script (i.e. before it became about Jim Pane). And are you performing in other cities besides Lawrence?
    Is there a video I could see, besides the I Ain’t Marching clip?
    Best regards,

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