Member, Actor’s Equity Association AEA. Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (CEAE) Vancouver Musician’s Association (VMA) local 145 – a branch of the  Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM).


(Upcoming) Million Dollar Quartet – “Carl Perkins” – Theatre at the Center – Daryl Brooks

The Buddy Holly Story* (2018) – “Buddy Holly” – American Blues Ensemble Theater – Lili-Anne Brown

Million Dollar Quartet (2017) – “Carl Perkins” u/s – Paramount Theater – Jim Corti

Ring of Fire (2017) – Musical Director/Luther Perkins/Piano/Guitar” – Western Canada Theater

The Buddy Holly Story (2016) – “Buddy Holly” – Grand Theater – Susan Ferley

Ring of Fire (2015) – Musical Director/Luther Perkins/Piano/Guitar” – Chemainus Festival Theatre

Red Rock Diner (2014) – “Val” – Arts Club Theatre – Valerie Easton

The Buddy Holly Story ( 2014) – “Buddy” – Chemainus Festival Theatre –  Sara-Jeanne Hosie

Never Shoot a Stampede Queen (2013) – Various (One Man Show) – TJ Dawe

The Buddy Holly Story (2013) – “Buddy” – New Theatre Kansas City –  Joe Fox

The Buddy Holly Story (2013) – “Buddy” – Chemainus Festival Theatre –  Sara-Jeanne Hosie

The Buddy Holly Story (2012) – “Buddy” – Arts Club Theatre – Bill Millerd

Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave (2012) – “Hank” – Persephone Theatre – Brian Richmond

Fire (2011) – “Cale” – Blue Bridge Theatre – Brian Richmond

The Buddy Holly Story (2011) – “Buddy” – Arts Club Theatre – Bill Millerd

Burnin’ Love (2011) – “Elvis” – Prairie Theatre Exchange – Bob Metcalfe

Back to You (2010) – Lead Guitar, Musical Direction – Prairie Theatre Exchange – Bard Tomasic

Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave (2010) – “Hank” – Blue Bridge Theatre – Brian Richmond

The Buddy Holly Story (2010) – “Buddy” – Arts Club Theatre – Bill Millerd

The Buddy Holly Story (2009) – “Buddy” – Stage West Calgary – Jan Smith

The Drawer Boy (2009) – “Miles” – Drayton Entertainment – Adam Furfaro

Mystery Edwin Drood (2008) – “Jasper” – Vertigo Mystery Theatre – Mark Bellamy

The Buddy Holly Story (2007) – “Buddy” – Drayton Entertainment – Adam Furfaro

The Back Kitchen Release Party (2007) – “Ned” – Arts Club Theatre – Don Noble

Urinetown: The Musical (2006-07)) – “Bobby Strong” – Belfry Theatre – Roy Surette

The Buddy Holly Story (2006) – “Buddy” – Drayton Entertainment – Adam Furfaro

Hair (2006) – “Chorus – Caude/Berger u/s” – CanStage/DanCap – Robert Prior

Urinetown: The Musical  (2005) – “Officer Barrel” – Firehall Arts Center – Donna Spencer

The Ballad of Jim Pane (2005) – “Jim Pane” – Belfry Theatre/Other Guys – Ross Desprez

Adventures in the Rouge Trade (2005) – Various – Kaleidoscope Theatre – Leslie Bland

Unity 1918 (2004) – “Glen” – TheatreSKAM – Amiel Gladstone

Lieutenant Nun (2003+2004) – “Captain” – TheatreSKAM – Amiel Gladstone

The Ballad of Phil Ochs (2003-2004) – “Phil Ochs” – Ballad Productions – Time Sutherland

Assassins (2003) – “John Wilkes Booth” – Quintessence Co-op – Andy Toth



Million Dollar Quartet (2017) – Arts Club Theatre

Ring of Fire (2015/2017) – Chemainus Festival Theatre

Burnin’ Love  (2011)-  Prairie Theatre Exchange

Back to You: the Lucille Starr Story (2010) Musical TheatreWorks/PTE



*Jeff Award (2018) Oustanding Performance in a Leading Role – Musical (The Buddy Holly Story – American Blues Theatre)

Jessie Richardson (2010) nomination for outstanding performance by a lead actor (BUDDY)

Ovation Award (2010) nomination – Outstanding performance in a musical (BUDDY)

Virgin Radio Songwriting (2009) 99.9FM in Toronto for “The Man on the Radio”

Betty Mitchell Award (2008) – Outstanding Production of a Musical – THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD – Cast Member



BFA in Theatre- University of Victoria (2003)

Professors: John Kritch, Jan Wood, Linda Hardy Scott Malcolm, Pia Wyatt, Pete Balkwill

On camera acting – Marvin Hinz, David Ferry, Scott Malcom

Auditioning for TV- A.J. Unger



Songwritier and arranger: Solo (folk/pop) and Band (Pop/Rock: The Human Statues)

Experienced Baritone, Tenor voice (Pop, Folk, Rock, Broadway)

Acoustic and Electric Guitar (Folk, Pop, Funk, Rock), Piano, Grade 8 Conservatory (Classical, Pop, Boogie-woogie) Saxophone (Jazz, Rock), Bass Guitar (Pop, Rock)

Fluent in FrenchDance – Swing, Disco, Musical Theatre

Mime, Stage Combat, Fencing, Clown, Street performance mime.

Stilt Walking, Basic Gymnastics Certificate, Skilled Baseball pitcher.

6 Replies to “Resume”

  1. Beautiful work at the Chemainus Theatre. Your investment in The Buddy Holly persona is appreciated by all who have seen the performance. Thanks Stuart

  2. I was wondering if you are for hire for a private party. My husband is turning 60 and we have been to several of your shows. It would be such a surprise for me to hire you for about an hour to come into our home for a simple display of your amazing talent. We live in Surrey. We are aiming for March 21 but any day between now and April 10 would be great. I will work around your schedule. Please let me know the cost and your availability.
    Thanks, Donna Moore 604802-4227

  3. I attended your show in Victoria on Sunday Dec 18 with. You blew me away.
    I am one the biggest Beatle fans in the world but I’m afraid you stole the show.
    Your energy and enjoyment of Buddy Holly was contagious. I was so disappointed when I couldn’t buy the CD that night. So I’ve ordered two on line and hope they get here fast.
    Buddy Holly would be proud! Vancouver Island is.
    Thank you, thank you.
    You and Molly sound so wonderful together. Do it more often.

    1. Hi Debbie!

      I’m just seeing this now! My web skills need some work… I’m better on facebook. I’m so glad you enjoyed my part of the show so much. The Beatles are my first love too, but it’s neat to learn how much they owe Buddy especially in their early days.
      The CDs are on the way! I hope you enjoy them.

      All the best!

  4. Fabulous impromptu show on Friday …. Im the woman front row centerish from Niagara Falls … back in the day I WAS Runaround Sue in high school when DJ Dick Biondi played Buddy Holly on WKBW. I’m an astrologer/writer and thnking about doing a chart and article on Buddy Holly … I’d like to do a synastry/comparison with Buddy’s chart and yours chart because you are such an embodiment of his energies it if very big time … there’s an astro convention here in Chicago next week, I’d “publish” it in a leaflet at the registration desk with an ad for the Play (which I will see with the replacement ticket)

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