“Zachary Stevenson… is the epitome of effortless cool with a gorgeous voice and a star-quality stage presence.”

 Mark Robbins, Vancouver Presents 

“Stevenson – a bravura performer who is the spittin’ image of the character he plays, and who possesses the voice, moves, guitar licks and irresistible energy of the “original” – is proof that Buddy Holly lives.”

-Heidi Weiss, WTTW Chicago

“Stevenson can sing… The guy is a knockout.”

-Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight, Vancouver

“Young Stevenson has his guy down and he comes with bucketloads of puppy dog enthusiasm; If you don’t like him, you don’t like much of anybody.”

– Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“…it’s frankly hard to imagine a better Buddy; Stevenson’s all-in performance will stick with you and not fade away.”

-Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago

“Buddy’s a blistering winner […] feel-great, leaving its audience roaring for more… Zachary Stevenson nails the rock ‘n’ roll legend in a full-throttle tribute that fires on all cylinders”

—Peter Birnie, The Vancouver Sun

“Buddy Holly was a skilled practitioner of his Stratocaster, and on that score Stevenson may be just as accomplished. He plays a wicked guitar, and his licks seem inextricably bound up in his on-stage cavorting. It’s all one, it all comes from the same core expressive place. This is the actor melding into the essence of the character. And it brings down the house, again and again.”

– Lawrence B. Johnson, Chicago On the Aisle

“Zachary Stevenson is one of the most charming talents to grace local stages in ages”

-John Threfald, Monday Magazine, Victoria

“Stevenson is just as engaging as ever […] from devilish swagger to drunken stagger, Stevenson is totally believable as Williams, and his smooth voice and heartfelt delivery are more than up to the tunes”

–John Threfald, Monday Magazine, Victoria

“Zachary Stevenson doesn’t portray Phil Ochs.  He is Phil Ochs.  The complex, mercurial personality; the songs […]  Stevenson nails it all

-Patrick Langston, Ottawa Citizen

14 Replies to “Reviews”

  1. Was at your show tonight in Saskatoon -absolutely one of the very best shows I have ever been too.You are amazing,fantastic and awsome!!!
    Please come back sooooooon!!!

  2. After missing your last run in Vancouver, finally saw your show last night at the Stanley and it felt like I’d be transported back in time to a Buddy Holly gig. You were that good, but then I’m not the first person to say this and certainly won’t be the last! What a performance and what an amazing experience for all of us in the audience. For those two hours, Buddy and company were alive and on stage and I’ll continue to enjoy their music as well as the music of your other favourites as I took home your two great and well-produced CDs! Wish I’d bought more for friends and family! Continued sucess in all you do! You deserve it!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback Marie! I take a lot of pride in the performance and it means a lot to me to hear that it goes enjoyed and appreciated 🙂

  3. We had Zachary and his band, Smashed Hits, perform at our Gala fundraiser in support of the Vancouver Hospice Society last Friday evening. Both he and the band were fabulous !!! The crowd of over 400 people were up dancing non-stop to the tunes of “Buddy” and other 50’s greats. What a hit! They helped put the ‘fun’ in ‘fundraiser’ for sure. Thanks so much, Zach. Paula (on behalf of the VHS).

  4. SAw the show in Chemainus and was spellbound Zach is a GREAT actor singer musician the lot, the stage show is marvelous, getting tickets to see it all again, I have seen a lot of the greats in my time and Zach is something else on guitar…can see him doing a Rick Nelson one ?????? Cheers and thanks.

  5. I went with my class to see you in Chemainus I had sooooooo much fun and it was amazing wanted to take my parents to see you but they were all shows sold out 🙁 You NEED to come back to the Island because you are so amazing

    I am a huge Buddy Holly fan you sounded just like him I am also in a performing arts class and I learned a lot from you… how do you remember all the cords lyrics and lines because I have a hard time just remembering my monologue?

  6. So…can you even find Kansas City, much less Overland Park? Looking forward to seeing you local down this way at the New Theatre Restaurant!

  7. My husband and I saw you tonight in the Buddy Holly Story at the New Theater in Overland Park. You were so amazing, I was floored. You sound and act just like Buddy Holly. Your acting and singing are so amazing. You lifted my spirits. You have incredible talent. Much success to you.

    1. Caught the show at the New Theatre in O.P. Ks (Kansas City) last week. Great show! One of the best live performances we have seen. Zachary Steveson was outstanding!

  8. Randolph Theater, Buddy Holly show Dec 12, 2017. Great show Zach. The bands look was great and the sound was very good. you have a spectacular repertoire and your crowd engagement was perfect. You really brought life to the frozen, older, Tuesday night crowd.
    I was so inspired by the show i went home an played Buddy Holly tunes on my Strat.

    1. Hi Brian, I’m just catching up with these messages now. Thanks a lot for your kind comments. I’m so pleased to hear you picked up you axe and played some Buddy. It’s looking likely I’ll return for another run at Randolph this December so keep an eye out and hopefully we’ll see you again.

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