Buddy Holly at the Grand Theatre


“Stevenson is so comfortable, so focused and so believable as Holly, lovers of rock ’n roll, music history or Buddy Holly should run to buy tickets. He’s that good.” – Joe Belanger, London Free Press

Thank you, Joe.  Buddy “rave’s on” in London, On until May 7th.  The LFP also gave us a 4/4 star review calling it a “must-see show that will not disappoint”.  Get your tickets NOW!

Doesn’t Philly live here anymore?

If you have to beg or steal or borrow, Welcome to Los Angeles: City of Tomorrow!  – Phil Ochs

from “The World Began in Eden and Ended in Los Angeles”


The heat of summer was cooling, my Rock n’ Roll show, FIRE, was put out but another small torch was burning south of the border in the hands of a humble, yet capable theatre company: Open Fist in Los Angeles.

A new play in the works about the life of my favorite folk singer, Phil Ochs was illuminated in it’s very first staged reading.

The Power and the Glory: the Tall Tales of Phil Ochs (American)

Jesse Bernstein's The Power and the Glory

My hat goes off to the cast and company that pulled this off in such a short time.  An especially big thank you goes out to my collaborator- Jesse Bernstein for his talent and perseverance and his lovely girlfriend for being such a welcoming host.  And to Erhin Marlow for entertaining and guiding me through the ever intriguing, beautiful, sensual morgue that is Los Angeles.

Fire is extinquished. But the damage was done!

We have firefighters for good reason.  When something is ablaze, much is destroyed.  Well, it seems, performing the theatrical play- Fire can be destructive for an actor as well.  Yes, emotionally speaking, the character, Cale, (based on Jerry Lee Lewis) is fairly self-destructive, but I’m actually speaking quite literally in this case.

Within the rehearsal process and short run of Fire I managed to break: Two tables, two belts, a radio, a pair of shoes, a piano string, a thumbnail, nearly a finger and on the final flourish of the closing night encore of “Great Balls of Fire”- a piano key was knocked sheer off.  Mind you, I was stomping on the piano 😉

Thank you to everybody at Blue Bridge – Brian Richmond, Darcy Stoop and especially Justine Shore; a fantastic cast and to all the people who attended and came with us on our journey.  Amen.

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